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What is Car Donation?

Car dontaion helps disadvantaged individualsA car can be just as valuable to a person emotionally as it is in terms of transportation. However, when a vehicle gets old, fond memories should not be enough to hold onto it. This is because trying to maintain an older vehicle can be very expensive if a person does not know how to refurbish it on their own. Instead, a car owner should consider a better alternative: donating their car to a charity or another organization that can refurbish the vehicles themselves. The refurbished vehicle is then given to disadvantaged individuals, whose lives become transformed by having their own means of transportation.

So, what does a person have to do to get their car donated? The easiest way is going through a car donation center. When working with a car donation center, car owners have very little to worry about when it comes to the actual car donation process. The car donation center takes care of the towing, car valuation and anything else they may be of concern during the car donation. Some may even provide monetary compensation to the car owner for allowing them access to their vehicle.

When a car donation center receives a car, they will inspect it to see how many repairs need to be done to get it in working condition. They will then refurbish it (if they can). The vehicle will then be sold to charitable organizations. These organizations will either use the vehicles for their business or give them away to needy individuals. If a car is unable to be refurbished, its parts may be sold to manufacturers.

The other option available for car donation is doing everything by oneself. This means that the car owner would have to find the organizations interested in receiving their donated vehicle along with making towing arrangements. To find organizations desirous of donated cars, a car owner can look online, in their local newspaper or through circulars like the Pennysaver.

If they have a particular organization they would prefer to donate to they could always call them and see if they're interested. Either way, once the car owner has decided who they're going to donate to, they have to send the vehicle out to them. In many cases, the organization will arrange for towing. Otherwise, the car owner must do what is necessary to transport the donated car.

For the car owner, whether they decide to donate through a car donation company or do things themselves, there's a possibility the donation could earn them a tax deduction. To receive this deduction, car owners must get a sales receipt from the organization they did business with. They will then send this receipt with their tax return. The deduction will be done on the basis of what the charity was able to sell the vehicle for, though there are exceptions. For example, if donated cars are integral to a charity's business, a car owner may be able to deduct at full market value.

What does a person do if they want to access to a donated vehicle? They will have to find the organizations that are giving them away. But things won't be as easy as making a request for a vehicle; most car donation companies have very long waiting lists for people anxious to receive one of their vehicles. Additionally, one must prove they are disadvantaged enough to be 'deserving' of one of the vehicles. A person will be competing with thousands of others who are also in need. However, if their story is compelling enough they will be granted the vehicle free of charge. Even towing will usually be taken care of. So, ultimately, it is worth at least trying, even if the chances of actually receiving the vehicle are low.